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Dual Clean Advantage

Portable Golf Ball Washer & Club Head Cleaner

The Dual Clean Advantage is the latest and greatest in golf ball washers and club head cleaners.

This new innovative design gives you the advantage of keeping your golf balls and clubs super clean whenever you want! Whether you own your own cart or not the Dual Clean Advantage is so portable and light-weight you can take it with you whenever and wherever you play.

Made in the USA of only the highest quality materials, you'll enjoy your golf game even more with Dual Clean Advantage by your side!

  • The patented design is portable, light-weight and easy to use
  • Attaches to most golf cart in seconds - No tools or assembly required
  • Cleans 4 golf balls at a time
  • Cleans your clubs
  • Attach your cleaning towel or other golf tools right on the unit
  • Made in the United States of America

Hazard Master

2-N-1 Retractable Rake and Golf Ball Retriever

The Hazard Master is the perfect golf accessory. The patented design combines a Retractable Rake and Golf Ball Retriever all in one! The rake teeth fold down and out of the way allowing for easy and convenient storing in your golf bag. The ball retriever basket locks in and out of position in one simple motion. You get two great golf accessories all in one! The Hazard Master is a "must have" for every golfer!

  • Retractable rake and golf ball retriever all in one!
  • Store it in your golf bag
  • Store it in your cart with the Hazard Master Adapter
  • Use the rake feature to rake the traps or rake in your ball from any water hazard
  • High quality, brushed aluminum telescopic pole
  • Made in the United States of America

Hazard Master Adapter

Our adapter allows your Hazard Master to attach to your cart. In just a matter of seconds, the adapter can be installed behind the seats and our unique design allows the adapter to attach to all golf carts.

Dual Advantage Cleaning Solution

Golf Ball Washer Cleaning Solution

The Dual Clean Advantage Cleaning Solution not only is designed to neutralize odors with its fresh cut grass scent, it throughly cleans golf balls and clubs. Our solution is highly concentrated and can be used on any golf ball and club washer machine. Just add 6 to 7 drops of our cleaning solution to 20 ounces of water in the chamber of your Dual Clean Advantage Portable Golf Ball Washer and Club Head Cleaner. The water will stay fresh for approximately one week, or four rounds of golf. 

Perfect for on course ball washers as well

Also available by the gallon

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The dimpled surface of a golf ball can collect dirt and grass easily. To improve its aerodynamic property and increase both distance and control golf balls must be cleaned all the time. The Dual Clean Advantage Portable Golf Ball Washer and Club Head Cleaner along with The Dual Clean Advantage Cleaning Solution are designed to keep your golf balls clean all the time wherever you play.